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Lecturer Application: File Upload List
1) Course trailer and introduction

This is an opportunity to sell your module or course to a prospective student and make them excited to enrol. You should also inform the them of:

  • The commitment required
  • Any tools they are required to have
  • Pre-requisite knowledge
  • Anything else the student should know before committing

Please ensure the video you create is in .mp4 or .avi format, is no longer than 5 minutes long and is of a high video and sound quality.

3) Course lecture

The lecture should be in movie format and will convey the content of the course. This movie should be up to 90 minutes long and in mp4 or .avi.

4) Course notes

These will be handed out to the students and for them to keep and refer to for future enquiry. These notes should give the student a comprehensive overview of the course content and allow them to be able to research the subject matter further.

Handouts should be in a presentation style format and submitted as a pdf.

5) Multiple choice questions

These will be used to test the students knowledge of the subject matter. If the student is successful in passing the test, he or she will be given a certificate for them to prove their successful completion.

Lecturers should upload 10 multiple choice questions with 5 potential options. The file should be in pdf format.