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Lecturer Application
Why become an AmagisUNI lecturer?
  • Monetise your experience and knowledge you have worked hard to accumulate over your career
    • Earn a €20 royalty fee everytime a course is sold to a student
  • Share your industrial knowledge and experience and enhance your reputation with your peers
  • Enhance your reputation within your industry
How do I become an AmagisUNI lecturer?
  • There is a two stage application process that you will need to complete:
    • Stage one is to simply express interest (via the form below). Once received by AmagisUNI, you will be contacted via email so that your area of expertise can be better understood.
    • Stage two - if invited to contribute to AmagisUNI, you will be required to produce a course which you will upload on to the AmagisUNI platform.
What do you mean by course material?
  • All AmagisUNI lecturers need to upload 4 files:
    1. A 2-10 minute course trailer (movie) either in an mp4 or avi format [up to 100Mb]
    2. A 45 minute course presentation with background audio consisting of the lecturer narrating their course [up to 700Mb]. Please refer to these videos as an example of the format we require: example 1 or example 2
    3. Course slides in pdf format - these will be distributed amongst your students
    4. 10 multiple choice questions with up to 5 potential answers. These will be used to examine the students