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Lecturer Application: Two Methods To Create A Video
Option 1: Upload a video file recorded on your mobile phone
Upload a video file recorded on your phone

Create the video files on your phone first and ensure the course slides and multiple questions are created. Then fill in this form on your mobile phone and upload the files.

If you choose this option, you need to ensure that the audio and video is of a high quality. Failure to do so may result in students not enrolling on your course

Option 2: Upload a higher quality video file that you have created via OBS studio
Upload a video file you have created on OBS studio

OBS studio is a third party open source software package that allows you to record a high quality video file from your computer. This option will also allow you to speak over your course slides or you may opt to configure your recording in the following manner

This option is recommended by AmagisUni as it increases the probability of students enrolling on to your course and thus enhancing your return on your time investment